Privacy Policy of Callback24 website and service

1. General information

  1. This Privacy Policy defines the principles of processing and protection of personal data provided by users in connection with the use of the Internet Service under the domain and the website under the domain owned by ITDESK sp. Z O. O.

2. Access to and Correction of Personal Information

  1. Each User of our service can choose whether and to what extent they want to use our services and share information about themselves. If for any reason you do not wish to provide your personal information, you have the right to do so, and you also have the option of deleting it or not using our service.
  2. If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data or if your personal data is incorrect or incomplete, you should contact us using the contact details provided on the Website.
  3. We do not share any data with third parties. We also do not store sensitive data such as credit card numbers or bank account access data.

3. Google Analytics

  1. Our Website uses Google Analytics, but the information collected is for statistical purposes only and is only used to improve the website and callback24 service to match your expectations.
  2. IP addresses of visitors to this site are not processed.
  3. We do not share the data we have about the Users visiting the website with third parties, except when the data is requested by a court or an authorized public administration body.
  4. If we change our privacy policy, we will post a notice on this page.

4. Pliki Cookies

  1. Cookies are small text files that are saved in the permanent memory of your device by the web browser. They make a website work properly, facilitate navigation and increase website security. These files store information used by websites to, among other things, determine user preferences regarding viewed content, carry out automatic user authentication on the site.
  2. The cookies used on the website and the service are secure, do not store personal information and do not have a harmful effect on your device, your data or your installed software.
  3. The website and web service use the following cookies:
    • Temporary - these files store information on the actions performed by the user during an active session of using the website. Temporary cookies are deleted automatically by your web browser when you leave the website. Blocking of the temporary cookies may prevent the use of certain functionalities of the website.
    • third party cookies: the files store data in accordance with the privacy policy of the partner of the website service. The partners of the website and web service are: Google Analytics - Facebook -
    • Persistent - These files store user preferences regarding the operation of the website and its appearance. They are used to remember a particular computer and can be associated with personal data. Persistent cookies are deleted automatically by your web browser after the expiration period specified in them. By using persistent cookies we increase your comfort while using our website.
  4. The callback24 website and internet service does not in most cases collect or store personal data such as name, date of birth, nip, pesel or contact details in cookies. However, there are places where by ticking the "remember me" box we store in encrypted form data that is necessary to perform a given function.
  5. Users of the website and the service may block or delete cookies on their devices at any time. To block or delete cookies, use the mechanisms of your web browser - instructions on blocking or deleting cookies can be found in the Help file / menu. Blocking cookies or deleting them may result in incorrect operation of the website or the inability to use some of its functionalities.

5. Additional provisions

  1. This cookie policy is subject to change as a result of changes to the functionality of the website or changes to how third parties handle cookies.
  2. ITDESK sp. Z O. O. is not responsible for the cookie policy applied by other websites linked to the website.
  3. ITDESK sp. z o. o. is committed to complying with applicable national data protection laws that cover the collection and use of personal data, as well as with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy governs the use of personal information that you provide to us or that we obtain from you.